15th November TRNC Republic Day

The 36th year anniversary of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in a ceremony held in front of the school.    Sıla Gül and Üntaş Kaya of year 10 presented the ceremony. Nurseli Erdem of year 10 recited a poem named “Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti”  Serhan Zülkadiroğlu and Kıymet Güçlüsoy of 12 Arts spoke of the meaning and importance of this day.   The ceremony ended with Tanem Aykut of 11 A Level and Fatma Yücelen of 12 Arts singing a song named “Al Yemeni Mor Yemeni”  We as GAU The American College are proud to celebrate this day.