Anti-Bullying Week 2019/2020

Each year in the month of November “Anti Bullying” Week takes place at our school with various activities.  The aim of this week is to inform our students of the importance of standing up to Bullying.
The English, Art  and Turkish departments also organised various competitions. The Turkish and English departments organised composition and poetry competitions, the Art department organised a poster competition.  In the Turkish composition Dora Naz Aral came 1st and Cemre Baş came 2nd.  In the Turkish Poetry competition Nehir Simay Aras came 1st, Sevcan Oral came 2nd and Şükriye Nisa Işık came 3rd.  In the English  Poetry competition, Ekaterina Brateneva came 1st, Aleksey Bobkov came 2nd and Tuna Mantaş came 3rd.  In the Middle School Poster competition Maria Petrenko came 1st, Mehmet Haydar came 2nd and Tahsin Tümer Güzel came 3rd.  In the Lise Poster competition Elizaveta Basueva came 1st, Gülay Özbek came 2nd and Tahsin Zenginer came 3rd.  Our Art department also organised a broken heart activity.  Our Psychology department created an “Empathy Tree” were all students wrote notes regarding bullying and placed them on the tree.  With the theme for this year “Change Starts With Us” a photograph was taken of participating students.
The Anti-Bullying week ended with Blue Friday.  A ceremony was held where participating and winning students were presented with certificates and prizes.  Ms. Düriye Çelik and Ms. Nayle Talan of our Psychology department spoke to the students reminding them of the meaning and importance of this week.