Surprise from The Girne American Nursery and Primary School Students

The 2014-2015 academic year events were attended by the students of the American College (GAK) under the Girne American University (GAU). At the events, students came together with their grandparents. The elders, who were a guest to the Girne American Primary school students, experienced the happiness of being together with their grandchildren at the event, which was organized in order to draw attention to the "Senior Citizen Week".


“Senior Citizen Week was put on agenda as symbolically. Respect and value to our elders cannot be compressed into a short period of time. The purpose of the symbolization of our time is to revive our value and to remind our society of the basic task of being community.” In the statement which explained that on the basis of us reaching to these days, lays the elders who has spent their life, strength, skills to the service of society, stated that – “We must establish a relationship with them based on love and respect, should benefit from their valuable experiences and we have to support our elders who need us physically and mentally from every respect.”


Elders who participated in the event talked about their childhood, toys and games to their grandchildren and their classmates. Interesting dialogues took place between the students and an elder who sang and examined the photo album together, elders who grew old nested with the nature history has made the assessment of history. Colorful scenes were created by the elders who sat on their grandchildren’s desks and talked about their childhood to their grandchildren living in the age of technology.


Children, who witnessed their elders sitting in their positions in large classes, have spent a very happy week. The subject of the “Drama Club” was also elderly at the events. Students, who took on the role of white-bearded grandfather in their small game, have gained great sympathy.


In another event Grandpa Cemal was visited at his home. Grandpa Cemal, who keeps his bike he had in his childhood, told the students of his memories of those years and relieved the days he and his friends toured in the neighborhood by bike.