Exemplary Act for the Nature and Animals by the American College

The preschoolers of American College which gives education within the group of schools of Girne American University (GAU) had donated to the Girne Animal Shelter on World Animal Week.


The kids within the World Animal Week had information from their teachers about the street animals in need of protection and care. Parents also showed support bydonating cat and dog foodto the Girne Animal Shelter.


Saymaz: “Our Purpose Is To Raise Sensitive Individuals Towards The Nature and Environment.


In the statement related to the topic the principal of the preschool BinnurSaymaz had stated that their purpose is to make the children to gain sensibility at the young ages towards the nature and environmentand she had also emphasized that they could realize this by the support of the parents.She had also mentioned that it has a huge importance to gain zoolatry at the young ages for the development of the kids. Besides she said that to raise successful individuals of the future that adopted the love of nature and animal, is one of their main principles.She had stated that this kind of project organizations is frequently being realized.


The preschoolers of the American had brought the cat and dog foods from their homes and delivered them to the officials of the animal shelter and thus showing their sensibilities towards the nature and animals. In the statement which was made by the officials of the shelter, they hadmentioned that it is the first time that a school had approached them with this kind of project and made them so happy with it. And they had also expressed their thanks to all students, families and the officials of the American College, and also emphasized the importance of the zoolatry for the people.