Social Activities


Extra-curricular activities play an important part in the life of our school.  A wide variety of extra-curricular activities are offered to students during activity lessons.  These include Chess, Basketball, Football, Art, Drama and Dance.  Students are also able to enroll in after school clubs which gives them the chance to receive extra support in many subjects.  Economics, ICT, English, Science, Maths and Ceramics are some of the after school clubs offered.


We relay the scope of responsibility and awareness to our students with a number of different social activities.  It is important for our students to have a fulfilling education and understanding inside and outside of the classroom. A few activities are listed below:

ü  Blue Friday ‘’No Bullying’’

ü  History Day

ü  Psychology Day

ü  Shakespeare Day

ü  School Captain Elections

ü  Pink Friday “Cancer Awareness”

ü  Halloween

ü  New Year

ü  Theatre Week

ü  Science Week

ü  Maths Week

ü  Francophonie Day

ü  Art Festival

ü  Charity Events