2nd September, 2019 Monday

 Staff Training Week

9th September, 2019 Monday

Start of 2019-2020 Academic  Year

9th-10th September, 2019


School Half Days

4 th October, 2019 Friday

World Animal Day


5 th October, 2019 Saturday

World Teacher’s Day


11th  October, 2019 Friday

International day of the Girl child


14th October, 2019 Monday

Pink Day

14th -18 st - October, 2019

Monday - Friday

Parent’s Meeting

21 st -31 st October, 2019


World Children’s Book Week

28th October, 2019


Anniversary of the Turkish

Republic Day Ceremony

29th October, 2019 Tuesday

Turkish Republic Day


31st October, 2019 Thursday

Halloween Party


1st  November, 2019 Friday

Out Side Day


8 th  November, 2019 Friday

Memorial Ceremony of Atatürk


9 th  November, 2019 Saturday

Religious Holiday

14th November, 2019 Thursday

Anniversary of TRNC  Ceremony

15th November, 2019 Friday

Anniversary of TRNC   (Holiday)

11st-14th November, 2019


Anti-Bullying Week

20th November, 2019 Wednesday

International Children’s Rights Day


22nd November, 2019 Friday

Teachers’ Day (1/2 day)

20th – 22nd November, 2019


Environment and Traffic Day


25th November, 2019 Monday

Student Photos

29th  November, 2019 Friday

Anti-Bullying Week

Blue Friday

3th December, 2019 Tuesday

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

3th December, 2019 Tuesday

Tuesday Bazaar


9th -13 th  December, 2019

Monday- Friday

Local products & Traditions Day

24th December, 2019 Tuesday

New Year Party

25th December 2019–

1stJanuary,2020  WedWednesday

New Year Holiday

(School closed)

2nd January, 2020  Thursday

School Re-opens


6th- 10th January, 2020


Tree and forest week


13th January, 2020


Former President Rauf

Denktaş Remembrance Day Ceremony

15th January, 2020


Dr. Fazıl Küçük Remembrance Ceremony

20th -24th January, 2020


Book / Library Days

30th January, 2020


Report Writing Day School Closed

31st January, 2020


Report Cards Issued

1st-16th February, 2020


Semester Holiday



17th February, 2020 Monday

Start of Second Semester

24th February, 2020 Monday

Creative Thinking Day


8th March, 2020

( 6th March, Friday)

World Women’s Day


9th March, 2020 Monday

3 Year Olds Family Activity Day


10th March, 2020 Tuesday

4 Year Olds Family Activity Day


13th March, 2020 Friday

(14th March,Saturday)

PI Day Activities


16th March, 2020 Monday

5 Year Olds Family Activity Day

20th March, 2020 Friday

International Day of Happiness


20th March, 2020 Friday


22nd March 2020

(23th March, Monday)

World  Water Day


27th March, 2020 Friday

World Theatre Day


1st April, 2020 Wednesday

World Health Day


17th 20th 21th April, 2020

General Rehearsal


22th April, 2020 Wednesday

Children’s Day Parties


23rd April, 2020 Thursday

National Children’s Day


1st May, 2020 Friday

May Day (Holiday)

5th May 2020 Tuesday

School Picnic

6th - 7th May 2020


Sports Day


8th May, 2020 Friday

Mother’s Day Activites


10th May, 2020 Sunday

Mother’s Day


19th May, 2020 Tuesday

National Youth & Sports Day


23th – 26th  May, 2020


Religious Holiday

(4 days holiday)

18th – 22th  May, 2020

Monday - Friday

Pre-School Educational Activities

25th – 29st  May, 2020

Monday - Friday

End of Year Show /

School Exhibition

1st June, 2020 Monday

World Children’s Day


5th June, 2020 Friday

World Environment Day


10th June,2020 Wednesday

End of Lessons


11th- 12th June, 2020

Thursday - Friday

Report Writing- School Closed

15th June, 2020 Monday

Report Day


16th - 30th June, 2020

Year 2,3,4 Continue to School

1st  September, 2020 Tuesday

Staff Training  Day

7th September, 2020 Monday-

Academic Year Begins